Pinsight by Lykdat is an AI-powered tool that performs sentiment analyses for your business, giving you data-driven insights to make better business decisions

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As a business owner, especially in e-commerce, you very frequently have to make some decisions regarding manufacturing, procurement or sales, depending on your domain. The rightness of these decisions can make or mar your business, and as a result, should not be based on human intuition or business acumen alone.  A study by PwC shows that 92% of manufacturers consider their decision-making to be either highly data-driven or somewhat data-driven. Consequently, there is a need for every business to have a robust and efficient tool for fetching and analyzing data for the purpose of identifying opportunities for product improvement and business growth.

An analysis tool offering deep product insights will equip you with information sufficient to determine exactly who the biggest players in your industry are, and what they produce or sell to keep their customers loyal.

Secondly, such a tool let you know if there are enough people in your market who are willing to purchase your products, how much they are willing to pay for it and how much you need to charge to optimize profit without chasing potential customers away.

Finally, an efficient market analytic tool helps you gain competitive intelligence and prevents you from being edged out of the market due to lack of adequate information. It lets you know exactly how big your competitors are, their speed of innovation for new products and how they are perceived by your target customers.


At Lykdat, we have made it our mission to help you gain accurate insights in the market order to make profitable business decisions, and that is why we have created a solution that accomplishes just that.

Lykdat Pinsight is a tool that helps you perform analysis (e.g sentiment analysis) on e-commerce brands and their products, giving you insight into, and answering questions like :

  • Who are my customers and what do they like?
  • What do my customers feel about other products (i.e competitors) ?
  • What kind of products should I put out there to gain competitive advantage in the market ?
  • How does my product perform against other brands?


While it is important to make data-driven decisions, the means of acquiring and analyzing these data is also of equal importance. Considering the pace at which the e-commerce industry is changing, it’s a no-brainer that manual methods, such as market research by individuals are ineffective in making business decisions, as these processes take some time and results may not be consistent with the current state of the market.

In order to truly gain a competitive edge in the market, you need to ensure as little market analysis duration as possible. A well conducted market analysis could considerably boost revenue by identifying emerging trends in the industry and reduce production / acquisition risk. In essence, with Lykdat pinsight, you get:

  • Accurate customer review analytics
  • Product attribute analysis
  • Target market analysis
  • Competitive analysis

Pinsight offers your business an edge with AI-powered insights for an enhanced decision making process. We are very excited to share this  solution with you, and help you make better business decisions. We would like to schedule a demo with you to walk you through Pinsight.

Kindly share your details and we will reach out to you.