Power your fashion e-commerce website with AI visual search

We are pleased to announce the alpha release of our B2B Solution – AI visual discovery for fashion. Our mission remains to make it easier for people to discover fashion. And today, we are making it more accessible for fashion shoppers across the globe to discover fashion by offering our solution to fashion businesses looking to move their business to the next level by leveraging image search and recognition solutions to improve the experience for customers on their websites and apps.

A year and 5 months ago, we launched our B2C solution (lykdat.com) and have since seen an increasing behaviour of fashion shoppers searching for fashion items using images. We believe that image search is the most intuitive way to discover fashion. Today, we are offering this solution to businesses and kicking off our journey into the world of B2B. Lykdat is a Fashion image search engine that enables users discover fashion items by searching with images, texts, tweets, mentions, etc. In simple terms, Lykdat is Shazam for fashion 😉.

While we have excitedly grown our user base over the last couple of years, we have also gained some insights into how valuable our solution could be to other fashion e-commerce businesses. In the past months, we’ve seen an increasing demand from businesses who would like to use our solution via an API. These nudges have made it apparent to us that there is demand within the B2B space where our solution would be very much impactful, and much more accessible.

If you own a fashion e-commerce business and would like to drive sales, engagement and customer loyalty using image search and personalised recommendations, then Lykdat is the solution for you.

Learn more on lykdat.com/business

Written on March 11, 2021