In Stock Alerter Bigcommerce Installation Guide

In Stock Alerter Bigcommerce Installation Guide
Photo by Shaouraav Shreshtha / Unsplash

In Stock Alerter by Lykdat is a Plugin that notifies your customers whenever their favourite product is back in stock.

In this article, we'll walkthrough the steps needed to integrate In Stock Alerter into your Bigcommerce Store.


  • Navigate to In Stock Alerter's Bigcommerce landing page
  • Click the "GET THIS APP" button. You may be prompted to login if you aren't already
  • Click the "Install" button in order to install the App
  • You should see a page listing the permissions needed by In Stock Alerter in order to function. Click "Confirm" to grant the required permissions.
  • Once the app installs successfully, you should be all set up.
  • You should see a Dashboard that looks something like the screenshot below


In your storefront, if you navigate to any of your Product that is out of stock, you will find "Get Notified" form on the right (see screenshot below) of the Product's image.

Any of your customers who subscribe to be notified will receive an email similar to the screenshot below once the product is back in stock

In Stock Alerter by Lykdat has a FREE plan that allows you up to 1000 active product alert subscriptions every month.