Fashion looks we're loving this Easter

Fashion has changed in so many ways since the pandemic, we all had to get used to our home clothes and try to get better at dressing up to work from home. Some people are gradually trying to get their sophisticated style back on while some others are still really cool with their easy fashion, whichever category you belong to is totally fine.

Social media has been such a useful way to still see the beauty of fashion, lots of fashion inspiration from fashion inflencers and so many people also get to share their everyday looks as well as styling tips and cool fashion trends on their instagram and tiktok accounts and we thought to share some of the looks we love with you, we hope it inspires you to try something new.

Elizabeth Saltzman’s monotone look is so pleasing, Olive is such a cool and sophisticated colour. She definitely made a statement with her shoes, they’re absolutely gorgeous.

We’re here for the denim and blings in this photo, beyonce looks stunning in this denim two piece and her accessories are all shades of beautiful.

This is a lovely look for the easter holiday, it’s simple but beautiful, it looks like something you should wear when you’re trying to have fun and be happy, the bright colour is such a mood booster and Gal Gadot wearing a yellow dress is just perfect.

In case you were wondering, the monotone trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, it's a great way to look effortlessly chic and that’s exactly what Holly white is doing in this photo.

What did we just say about the monotone trend, it’s definitely here to stay, we especially love the lace up sandals, kim kardashian sure knows how to make a trend look even better.

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Happy Easter!, we hope you are staying safe and we hope that you enjoy your Easter holiday.

Written on April 4, 2021