How To Set Up Back-In-Stock Alerts Using Lykdat SDK

The Back-In-Stock Alerts solution empowers ecommerce businesses with profitable customer engagement via the Product Alerts API. This article shows how to set it up using the Lykdat SDK.

How To Set Up Back-In-Stock Alerts Using Lykdat SDK


The Back-In-Stock Alerts feature lets shoppers know when their favourite out-of-stock items on your online store are back-in-stock. This prevents ecommerce businesses like yours from losing customers when their favourite items on your website are not available. Enabling the Back-In-Stock Alerts feature on your online store provides you with easy profits when these formerly out-of-stock items are now available. This customer engagement feature enables you to retain customers and increase conversions through automated and personalised product alerts.

This feature can be added to your website using Lykdat's Product Alerts API. This can be impemented on your website easily using the Lykdat SDK procedures demonstrated in this article.

Setting up an account

Head to Lykdat Console's sign-up page to create a business account.

Lykdat Console's signup page
Creating a business account on Lykdat Console gives you access to subscribe for any of our powerful ecommerce solutions.

The home page would appear as follows after successfully creating an account:

Your Lykdat Console dashboard
Your Lykdat Console dashboard

Setting up Product Alert

Go to the main page's Product Alert section.

Signing up for Product Alerts on the Lykdat Console
Sign up for Product Alerts by Lykdat on the Lykdat Console

Enter your website's name, URL, and a link to its logo accordingly.

Getting your API Keys

Access your API keys by clicking on "Settings" in the menu on the left side. Under the section "API Keys," there are two keys:

  • Publishable API Key
  • Admin API Key

Installing the Lykdat Javascript SDK

The Lykdat SDK requires a web browser environment to get it to work instead of just a node environment as in other scenarios
To install the SDK:

npm install lykdat

Adding Back-In-Stock alerts to your store

The snippet of code required to add is in javascript

import * as lykdat from 'lykdat'

window.addEventListener('load', () => {
        publishableApiKey: 'YOUR_API_KEY_HERE',
        websiteName: 'YOUR_WEBSITE_NAME',
        targetSelector: '#back-in-stock-container'

The publishableApiKey and websiteName placeholders on line #5 and #6 are replaced with the API key gotten from our business dashboard and your preferred website or business name which was submitted when setting up product alert. The targetSelector stands for the id of the products for which we are enabling the alerts.

The snippet above should be added to the end of the body section of the app as we want the UI for the product alert to be shown after the page has loaded

After inputting a valid email, a success message is shown

The Lykdat SDK integration process has been described in detail in this post. The inclusion of the Product Alerts feature in your e-commerce platform will help you engage profitably with your customers, through personalized and automated email alerts.